Ball Valve

We are one of the professional China manufacturers work at Ball Valve. The following items are the relative products of the Ball Valve, you can quickly find the Ball Valve through the list.

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  • Cast Steel Fixed Ball Valve

    It's a new product in our company. Its structure is three-stationary fixed ball.It can ensure the ball and seat closely by the difference of hardness.

  • American Standard Ball Valve Q41F

    American Standard Ball Valve:Suitable medium: water, gas, oil, gas and acid-base corrosive media.

  • Three Ball Valve Q44F6P/C/R

    Three Way Ball Valves have especially been designed to permit a 90° connection between two pipes of same bore.Its Fire Safe Design is also special.

  • DVQ340F Eccentric Semi-ball Valve DVQ340F

    Its special structure make its seal surface anti-corrosion, wear resistant.It has good seal performance, zero leakage to transport harm gas.

  • Ball Valve Q41F

    It is design and manufacture according to the requirements of BS 5351.Quick open and close speed, it can open and close by only rotating 90 degree.

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